Nail Care 101

Your nails can say a lot about you. Whether you like it or not, having a set of well-cared for fingernails and toenails really enhances your physical appearance and the way people perceive you. Dirty, unkempt nails are a turnoff for anyone, while clean, groomed fingers indicate good hygiene, a high level of self care, and generally make you look more ‘put together’. Plus, who doesn’t like experimenting with new colours? Our nails are basically a blank canvas waiting to be painted!

But it’s also really important to take care of the health of our nails. Slathering nail lacquers without a base coat or getting extensions constantly can really mess with the nail’s integrity. We all know how vital it is to have regular facials and keep our base clean before slopping a bunch of make up on. The same is true for our nails!

Here are some tips to keep your nails groomed and gorgeous without damaging them:

1. Keep Your Hands & Nails Clean
The first step to nail care is to keep your hands clean. The skin around your nails must be dirt-free, and it helps if you ensure proper removal of the traces of your last nail paint.

Regular hand washing doesn’t really cut it. To really get in there, you can use a little nailbrush covered with soap to scrub your nails and the surrounding skin a few times a day. This should remove most visible dirt that’s collecting around the cuticles and contributing to a grubby look.

2. Trim Your Nails Regularly
Long nails are great, but make sure they’re filed too. Sharp edges can snag on things and cause breakages and painful tears. Regular filing can prevent this. If you’re not one to sport long nails (because of work or hygiene concerns), you can give them a good trim them every 2 weeks or so. Long nails may look gorgeous, but they do increase the chances of spreading bacteria and are harder to maintain.

3. Stop Biting Them!
Some people bite their nails when they are anxious while others find it tempting when they notice a broken or chipped nail. If you care about your nails, STOP biting them. Not only is it an unhygienic habit, it also leaves your nails looking like chewed up half moon stubs. And that’s really not cute.

4. Get Regular Manicures
Manicures are a treat for your hands. Some ladies think a manicure is more of a luxury than a necessity, but the reality is that a good manicure helps you keep your nails healthy and strong. Our fingernails are made of keratin, a protein that develops in a laminated layer. When the keratin layers in your nails are not healthy, they become brittle. A professional manicure cleans and moisturizes your nails deeply. You receive cuticle care, nail trimming, and a good hand massage for deeply rejuvenated digits!

5. Always Use a Base Coat
Wearing paint all the time can stain your nails. It also allows the alcohol to penetrate the nail and cause brittleness. To avoid that, always apply a base coat before applying a color. This doesn’t just protect your nails but makes the color look saturated.

6. Don’t file the wrong way
Filing may seem like a mindless activity but if you are doing it wrong, it can really weaken your nails. You should never file the tip of the nail back and forth. The right approach is to gently run the file across the nails in one direction. Start from the outside edge and pull towards the center. Repeat on the other side.

Thin nails have a higher tendency to break or peel while filling. When using the file, tilt it so that it is underneath. This will allow you to see what you are doing.

7. Avoid Traditional Extensions
Traditional nail extensions can really leave nails damaged, soft, and broken. Overfilling and drilling can weaken your nails and cause pain. An unhygienic adhesive can also threaten the health of your nail beds.

If you want longer nails but can’t grow them easily, you can opt for SNS (Signature Nail Systems). It works without any nasty adhesives and no harsh chemicals. As long as you go to a professional nail technician for the extension and removals, it won’t damage your natural nails!

Let AMO Give Your Nails some TLC

At AMO, we offer SNS nails as well as GEL, OPI and other designer polishes. Our nail technicians know how to take perfect care of your nails and will leave you with a stunning mani or pedi, every time. Come in and experience our unparalleled service and immaculate attention to detail!