Amo Bathhouse

AMO Bathhouse offers a diverse range of rejuvenating facilities designed to enhance overall well-being. The steam room, with its moist heat, provides relief from muscle aches, reduces stress, and aids congestion. The Swedish sauna, operating on dry heat, offers health benefits supported by scientific studies, promoting muscle relaxation and overall restfulness. The saltwater pool, surrounded by a spacious deck, invites relaxation and hydration after the heat, complemented by a variety of refreshments from the café menu. AMO’s ice pools and rock sauna provide a unique contrast of intense cold and impressive heat, improving heart health, releasing endorphins, and ensuring a consistent temperature throughout the sauna experience. The Turkish hammam offers a cleansing and rejuvenating space for both body and mind, promoting self-care and relaxation.
AMO’s Jacuzzi, provides warm bubbling water with therapeutic benefits for mental stress relief and muscular relaxation. The ice barrels, set at a refreshing 4 degrees Celsius, offer a distinctive way to awaken the senses, enhance circulation, and revitalize the body, providing a unique cooling experience in the tropical paradise of Bali, exclusively at AMO Spa. With a wide array of facilities, AMO Bathhouse creates a comprehensive and immersive wellness experience for individuals seeking relaxation and rejuvenation in the vibrant setting of Canggu.

Steam Room

Our steam room provides moist heat and is designed to accommodate 95-100% humidity; the hot steam works to relieve muscle aches and pains, reduce stress and can help to relieve congestion if you are feeling a little under the weather. The Amo Spa steam room is impeccably hygienic and guaranteed to leave you glowing and blissed out.

Swedish Sauna

The Sauna acts on dry heat and many scientific studies have shown the benefits of regular sauna use (3 to 5 time per week) to improve overall health in many important ways. Sauna’s are particularly beneficial after a workout or a hard day’s work or shopping as they act to soothe & relax muscles as well as being restful.

Salt Water Pool

AMO pool is ideal if you enjoy taking a relaxing dip after the heat. The area is surrounded by a large deck that is terraced with sun loungers. Enjoy a hydrating coconut, alkalising green smoothie, or any item from our full café menu, as part of your sauna experience and make sure to stay hydrated.

Ice Pools

Amo Spa features three clear and refreshing ice pools, kept at temperatures around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The transition from intense heat to intense cold not only feels amazing but has been shown to improve heart and circulatory health as well as to release endorphins and feel good hormones that can uplift your mood and leave you feeling great.

Rock Sauna

Our rock sauna takes the heat to the next level by reaching an impressive 100 degrees Celsius. This exceptional heat, combined with the natural ambiance created with the rocks, ensures a consistent and even temperature throughout the sauna.

Turkish Hammam

Our Turkish hammam provides a rejuvenating and cleansing experience for both the body and the mind. It is a place where people can unwind, socialize, and indulge in self-care while benefiting from the therapeutic effects of heat and steam.


Jump into the Jacuzzi with its many jets of warm bubbling water to relieve mental stresses, ease tension headaches and aid muscular aches and pains. Enjoy the soothing waters of the Amo Spa Jacuzzi, the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of busy Canggu.

Ice Barrels

Our ice barrels, set at 4 degrees Celsius, provide a distinctive way to awaken your senses, enhance circulation, and leave you feeling completely revitalized. Discover the ultimate cool comfort amidst the tropical paradise of Bali, exclusively at Amo Spa.