How to Detox Your Body

This is your body showing signs that you need a detox.
Other symptoms you might experience if you are in need of a detox include:
1. Headaches
2. Digestive Issues
3. Skin Problems
4. Allergies
5. Weight Gain

Detoxifying your body is a great way to get rid of all the impurities we expose ourselves to on a daily basis. Simple acts such as breathing in pollution, drinking too much soda or alcohol, and working at a stressful job can all lead to toxins building up in our systems.

The good news is detoxifying your body is great way to get rid of these impurities and start over with a clean slate. And the best place to detox is at a wellness spa.

Wellness spas are equipped with staff trained in all areas of detoxification and can help you finally feel energized, focused, and healthy! Wellness spas can also help you lose weight, gain better eating habits, and rid your body of toxins, waste, and mucus.

If you’re ready for a detox but don’t know where to begin, check out all the ways a wellness spa could help you and your body:

1. Lymphatic Massage: Your lymphatic’s system is your body’s natural detox treatment. Made up of organs, ducts, and more, it helps clean your bloodstream and naturally gets rid of toxins.

A lymphatic massage just helps speed up this natural process. This kind of massage works your lymphatic system and helps clear any blockages while feeling awesome to your muscles.
Benefits: Less skin inflammation, more energy, relaxed muscles

2. Sauna: Saunas are warm and steamy, perfect for relaxing and getting rid of toxins in your blood stream. Saunas and steam rooms have been popular remedies for over 2000 years, dating back to ancient Rome.

Sweating is another way your body naturally gets rid of toxins. Sweat glands are part of your lymphatic system, so getting hot and sweaty is just another way to rid your bloodstream of harmful impurities.
Benefits: Rejuvenated skin, stimulated circulation, increased metabolism

3. Body Wraps: You may have seen fad body wraps for sale on Facebook, but getting a body wrap at a wellness spa is a completely different experience. At a wellness spa, a trained expert will wrap you in hot, wet towels, or maybe even seaweed, while you sit back and relax.

A body wrap will make you sweat and acts as a mini, targeted sauna on whatever part of your body is wrapped, releasing all kinds of harmful toxins.
Benefits: Clear skin, loss of water weight

4. Scrubs & Soaks: Scrubs and soaks have long been a popular treatment at spas. Start with a nice, exfoliating sea salt or sugar scrub to remove dead skin cells, then move on to a relaxing soak in warm water and a variety of essential oils and Epsom salts.

The soak is a relaxing combination of aromatherapy and hydrotherapy that helps stimulate circulation and soothe body aches.
Benefits: Soft, smooth skin, stimulated circulation, soothed muscles

5. Mud Treatment: Mud, and sometimes clay, treatments are another spa service that has been popular for a long time. While it seems disgusting to slather yourself in mud at first, the treatment is anything but.

The mud used for these types of treatments is not your typical mud. This mud is full of minerals that, when applied to the skin, draw out toxins and impurities and leave the skin soft and smooth when rinsed off.
Benefits: Soft, smooth skin

6. Diet: One of the best, and most recommended, ways to detox your body is to overhaul your diet. Have you heard the old saying “you are what you eat”? Well, it’s true. If your diet is full of sugar, fat, and other unhealthy substances, your body is going to be unhealthy, too.

The best thing to do is to stop consuming unhealthy foods altogether and start eating more healthy fruits and vegetables. If all of this seems overwhelming or confusing, most wellness spas have dietitians on hand to answer your questions and point you in the right direction.
Benefits: Clear skin, more energy, weight loss