Massage in Bali

Bali, Indonesia is an incredible tourist destination that hosts millions of visitors year after year. From the sandy beaches to panoramic scenery and good food, people from different parts of the world can never seem to get enough of this stunning island. And of course being on holiday, you’ll want to be feeling relaxed and looking great. Beauty treatments and massages are a good way to indulge after a day full of pleasant activities. Having a massage in Bali is an experience like no other, as the art has been perfected here for centuries. AMO Spa’s massage therapists combine a variety of treatments with essential oils to relieve stress and keep you calm.

This luxury spa in Bali is the perfect place to relax before or after a busy day of surfing, walking tours or sampling the local cuisine. Tourists and locals flock the popular AMO Lifestyle Spas to enjoy diverse beauty services including massages for ultimate relaxation. The airy rooms immediately inspire feelings of calmness, which is only heightened by your preferred massage.

Clients can choose the traditional Balinese massage. It is a holistic deep tissue treatment for the full-body that combines reflexology, stretches, acupressure and aromatherapy to stimulate the flow of energy, blood, and oxygen in your body. This is a unique form of massage that incorporates essential oils to calm your mind and help the masseuse achieve most fluid strokes on your skin. To give you a traditional massage the therapist uses a combination of kneading and gentle strokes to improve blood circulation and relieve stress. They might apply medium, pressure to target deep tissues and knotted muscle. An average session lasts about an hour leaving you looking and feeling good. All our therapists are trained to offer services in the right way. This is why people come for a massage at AMO Spas when trying to deal with cramps, muscle pain, and spasms.

A massage is a great tool for reducing lower back pain and increasing joint flexibility. Scars are a major worry for people who have recovered from serious injuries and there is proof that in addition to reducing recovery time, massage can also help to reduce scar tissue.

The benefits of any form of massage are truly countless and they are not restricted to injuries. Anyone who needs an uplift can book a session with an AMO Spa therapist and after an hour or less, they will leave feeling happy to enjoy their travels even more. The unique massage techniques in Bali are designed to boost your circulation, reduce stress and realign your body. Essential oils will elevate your mood but it is important to discuss any medical conditions with the therapist before beginning the process.

AMO Spa isn’t your standard location as they are always trying out new techniques to make traditional Balinese massage even more enticing. These innovative massage treatments target areas that the traditional techniques couldn’t reach. A good example is Rejuvenate Me; a massage technique that was developed with the help of a renowned orthopedic surgeon. During this process, the therapist
aligns warm stones along your body to soothe aching parts. What follows is lomi lomi, deep tissue and pressure point massage to provide relief to aching limbs. At the end of Rejuvenate Me, you will receive a cleansing cucumber mask followed by a warm lavender towel wipe to remove excess oil from your skin and leave you even more rejuvenated.

The aim of AMO massages is to make you feel completely calm, and the only movement you will need to make is turning onto your back. With private massage rooms, you can truly relax and enjoy your time here. Another of AMO’s signature massages is the Relax Me massage. It is a variation of the traditional massage that doesn’t include any work on your pressure points but uses gentle pressure to keep the client relaxed.

If you have seen the AMO Spa logo during your expeditions in Bali, don’t be shy to walk in. The friendly staff will welcome you to a world of Zen and calmness in any of our locations around Bali. For visitors who are not yet ready for a full body massage, we recommend the rejuvenating foot, shoulders, hand or head massages for an instant uplift.

In addition to the kneading and stroking, our therapists will deliver an indulging AMO Scrub. Visitors can choose to start with a sea or coconut scrub followed by signature volcanic clay and mud scrubs. To leave your skin feeling soft and smooth after the mask, just go under one of three overhead showers. AMO Spa is a world-class destination for tourists and locals who want to feel rejuvenated and have glowing skin. All massage therapists, are highly trained in the traditional massage as well as the variations offered at the spa. To offer a quality experience, AMO Spa chooses high-quality equipment and sources the purest essential oils available
on the market. These coupled with a wonderful setting make for the best massage experience in Bali.