Body Scrub

The AMO Body Scrub is one of the most luxuriant treatments you can indulge in. Choose either the sea salt or the coconut scrub or a combination of both for an exfoliant. The specially designed scrub mix is rubbed vigorously over every part of your body by your therapist.

The scrub is followed by a cooling mud mask that is cleansing and moisturising simultaneously. The therapist applies the mud mask, with long, firm massaging strokes that in combination with the warm mud are soothing and relaxing.

As the mask cools and the active properties of the alkalising volcanic mud engage to work their magic on your body, the therapist applies a cleansing cucumber mask to the skin of your face and gives you a stimulating head massage to complete the treatment. Your whole body is left soft, fresh, glowing and tingling – a truly revitalising experience.

Now is the perfect time to hit the Sauna as this procedure will open even the most stubborn of pores, allowing the release of any last lingering toxins or debris. Spend ten minutes in the Sauna then plunge your whole body – head to toe in one of the ice pools for an experience that is not only refreshing but extraordinarily good for you! The hot/cold treatment encourages lymphatic drainage as well as stimulating your circulation and boosting your immune system. Follow this with some time in the Jacuzzi, gazing out over the rice paddies, letting the warm water and the tranquillity of the experience soothe your soul.

The combination of full body scrub and Sauna treatment is uniquely combined to ensure a full body detox experience, inside and out. It is also a truly excellent pampering and relaxing treatment. Take your time; let your mind rest as your body gives a sigh of relief being cared for so well.

The AMO Spa Sauna is complete with a large Jacuzzi, dry Sauna, steam room, two ice pools and a Himalayan salt water plunge pool. It is annexed by sunbeds terraced down the hill, and is spacious and beautiful, a rewarding experience any time of day or night.