Hair Salon

Amo Spa is the leading choice for a salon in Bali. Our highly trained staff offer a full range of hair salon services – cuts, colours, treatments, extensions and styling. We aim to make your visit special and when you come to Amo we’ll make sure that not only will you leave looking and feeling great, but you will have indulged in a relaxing and revitalising experience. We provide haircuts for ladies, men and children. We also offer beard shaving for men. Short hair or long, retouch or full colouring with foils, the Amo Spa hairdressing team will amaze you with their skill – we’ll have your hair looking amazing. As well as cuts and colours, we also provide toning, extension servicing and removal, styling including wash and blow dry, hair masks and cream baths. If you’re visiting Bali for a special occasion, or simply wish to look great and spoil yourself whilst you’re on holiday, we’re ready to look after you. Salon Bali While there may be many salons in Bali, you want to be sure that you’re going to the best. Your hair is important and if you’re on holiday you don’t want to risk a bad cut and style ruining those all important holiday Instagram moments. At Amo Spa you’ll find all of the features you’d expect from a great hair salon in Bali. Our staff are highly experienced and this will shine through in the quality of the service provided, the exceptional standard of their work and in the sound advice they give you. As you’d expect we only use the highest quality products on your hair. Our aim is to provide you the ultimate salon experience of relaxation and enjoyment during your time with us. Our stylish salons add to the experience of creating the ideal environment for you to relax in and for us to work our professional magic. Hair Salon Canggu Bali Making changes to your appearance can be a big decision. Amo Spa staff will use their expertise and experience to guide you with a detailed consultation providing a variety of options for you to consider. We’ll take the time to make sure you’ve been given the best possible advice and are making a decision you will be happy with. Of course our artistic and creative staff will listen to your requests to make sure you end up looking great with a style that works for you. We pride ourselves on our professionalism. Not only will you find that our salons are stylish places, they are designed especially to provide the ideal environment for you to relax in while our staff work their professional magic. We also uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene adhering to Western standards. At Amo our clients come first and our focus and passion is on doing our very best for you. You are our priority and we work as a team to make your visit memorable. We look forward to welcoming you for your Amo Spa experience . Best Hair Salon In Bali When you’re on holiday in Bali it’s important to take care of your hair in this humid tropical climate and the constant exposure to the Sun’s strong UV rays. Of course, you’ll be treated like royalty when you visit Amo Spa Bali, but there are some things you can do to look after your hair as well. Here are a few of our top tips for great looking hair in our climate. Prevention is better than cure, so come and pay Amo a visit at the start of your trip and we’ll get you off to the right start. Treat your hair to a deep conditioning treatment to ensure your hair is fully moisturized. Extra conditioning and deep moisturizing will improve elasticity, leaving your hair healthier and stronger. It’s also important to protect your hair against the sun’s UV rays as these can break down proteins and leave your hair brittle and frizzy. We recommend that you use a hair product with a high SPF factor in it while you’re enjoying your time on the beach or by the pool in Bali. If you’ve coloured your hair, wear a hat or a scarf by day to make sure your colour still looks brilliant when you hit those stylish restaurants and bars in the evenings. If you’ve gone blonde, be aware of the amount of chlorine in the swimming pools as this can leave your hair with a greenish tinge. Rinse your hair thoroughly with clean water before you get in the pool as wet hair will soak up less chemicals than dry hair. Wash your hair after you’ve been in the pool with a shampoo designed to remove chlorine. Of course Amo Spa’s expert staff are always on hand to offer advice during your treatments at any one of our locations. Hair Salon Bali Amo Spa stays up to date so you can keep your look stylish, fashionable and on trend. We invest in ongoing training and development for our staff so you can be confident that when you come to Amo Spa, your hair is in the very best possible hands.

Hair Cuts

Whether it’s a trim or a brand new cut and style, you can be sure of the very best at Amo. Our expert hairdressers will provide a cut that’s on trend and right for you and your lifestyle. We offer cuts for women, men and children and also offer beard shaving for men.

Hair Colours

Our colour specialists use only the best products including L’Oreal, Alfaparf and Wella colours. If you’re looking for a retouch or a full set of foils for a new look, you’re in safe hands at Amo. Get a colour that looks amazing and give your hair the quality treatment it deserves


Stay up to date and on trend. Our creative stylists are on top of the current styles and fashions in the hairdressing world and will style your hair so you look amazing. We’ll take the time to listen to you and your needs so you also feel comfortable and have a style that works for you and your lifestyle.


Looking after your hair is important and Amo provides a range of treatments to ensure your hair not only looks great, but is also strong and healthy. Our treatments include smoothing, toning and glossing. Enjoy a relaxing experience as we take care of your hair.


Theradome® laser helmet is a wearable laser scalp treatment that can stop hair loss, thicken existing hair, and stimulate new hair growth without any side effects. You can enhance the therapy process by using the Theradome Hair mask treatment, a nourishing shampoo that helps deliver maximum results. Complimentary for all hair color.


Let our experts be your guide in the journey to beautiful, healthy hair especially when you’re on holiday in Bali it’s important to take care of your hair in this humid tropical climate and the constant exposure to the sun’s strong UV rays. Our OLAPLEX hair treatment could restore and improve structure for stronger and healthier hair.