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Aaron Brigatti 1 year ago - Google Review

Came for a quick coffee pitstop due to a sudden rain shower, and then found that the toilet facilities were interesting with a selection of delightful hand lotions to choose from.  Highly recommend to check them out. Service staff were very attentive, and the place has a very relaxing charm. There were a Spa and Sauna services on-site too... including IV Therapy on the menu.  Interesting!  Haha

Elmira P 1 year ago - Google Review

Excellent place! Decided to get my nails done early in the morning as I was still feeling jet lagged and wanted something to do. Came in when it opened and luckily they had a spot for me - my husband also had a massage whilst waitng for me which he enjoyed. I found the interior very cool and staff super friendly. Had a great gel manicure and pedicure!!

Teo Morabito 1 year ago - Google Review

Really nice lounge area and good haircut 👍

Super fruit 1 year ago - Google Review

Cant believe the results post scrubing. My legs were so shiny 😅 On top of that, the service was great. It's just the price for scrubing is a little bit too expensive for me.

Rudy Agisna 1 year ago - Google Review

Very big spa in Bali,and really good service...the staff is very friendly and smiling..all treatment from head to toe can you get this spa, very recommended 💚

Alyssa Detomasi 1 year ago - Google Review

I booked an appointment here after doing some research on curl specialists in the area. I was very worried about getting my haircut out here in an area where curls aren't supercommon. Luckily I found Boy (aka Ibrahim)! He was so amazing! I was very specific on how I didn’t want too much cut off because the humidity makes my hair shrink but I still wanted it to look like it had been cut. Boy nailed it! It’s the perfect length and he was very precise on his cuts making sure all my curls were even and none where out of place. Couldn’t be happier with my experience!

Sarah Mussche 1 year ago - Google Review

One of the best pedicures I've ever had. Amazing hygiene. They definitely take their time and very professional. Rai was amazing.

Sophie Harris 1 year ago - Google Review

My go to spa for all treatments, every therapist whether mani/pedi, waxing or massage has been brilliant and very well trained and very friendly. I also really like the spa area if you want a sauna/ice bath for 1-2 hours, not somewhere you would go for a whole day. I think the price tag is reasonable for the quality of treatments, in a very nice setting, you won’t get cheaper for the same standard and setting in canggu.

Hannah Emilie Hvesser 1 year ago - Google Review

Wow! Best massage i ever had, and my hair is back from dry and worn, to smooth and healty after hair cream bath. Firstly, this place is professional and clean, you get your own sarrong and they inform you all the way. Also wardrobe to lock away your valuables. I felt they gave me a great experience because of the form i filled out, the massage was just how i wanted, and i even got to choose the oil with wonderful scents. I recommend a hard massage, because you feel a lot more from them really working on those muscles, they really know what they are doing. Thank you so much to the whole team for a great evening, i feel restored and peacefull, everything i wanted and more❤️ Recommend highly!!

mia ar 1 year ago - Google Review

Greets from Singapore now this will be my all time favourite spot for pampering when I am in Canggu having the therapeutic moment visited the Amo Spa had my manicure, pedicure, and waxing on the 17 September 2022 very excellent service given. I am especially pleased with the service rendered to me by Maya -Above beyond service ,Elley-(Pedi & Massage)Sari-(Manicure) and Nanik-(Brazillian Waxing) Mulia-(Body Scrub)Lita-(Spa Pedi)Ocha-( Hair Color) Cintya -(Massage) with all of them thumbs up to the ladies. Highly recommended   Amo Spa covers everything that I need from a choice of body massage, body scrub, manicure, pedicure facial, and many more they also got sauna facilities. I am back again 18 September 2022  for another service for massage, body scrub, sauna, and hair color.Price for all services is decent.

Adam AL 1 year ago - Google Review

Wow! This place is very interested and impressed, I like the treatment and sauna in this place. I will come back to AMO again!

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